Robert August C. Camarillo ’98 recognized by PPA

By January 23, 2008 287 Comments

The Parole and Probation Administration (PPA) awarded and recognized Robert August C. Camarillo ’98 last January 16, 2008 for being among the pioneers who jump-started a volunteer outreach program called the Volunteer Probation Aide that services the reintegration back to society at large of parolees and probationers nationwide. From a limited number in the lower hundreds in 2004, the volunteers now number more than six thousand nationwide with a network all the way to the basic LGU level. Camarillo was trained on the matter in Japan under a grant from JICA through UNAFEI. He finished Behavioral Studies from UP in 2003 and worked with PPA thereafter. Though he is now with the private sector, he still supports the program as a volunteer lecturer to the ever increasing number of volunteers. Congratulations brod!

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